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Patent US8118968 - Two-component bonding agent - Patenty.... of the amide group. Preferred polyvinylamines are commercially available from BASF under the trade name Lupamin®: 1500, 4500, 4595, 9000, 9030, 9095. napařovací vějíř fusion Patent US8303835 - Composition for treatment of fiber materials...It is also possible to use polymeric amines as component C, for example LUPAMIN® products from BASF (polyamines based on vinylamine). Patent US7919175 - Transparent light-weight safety glazings.... amine) is linear poly(vinyl amine), available from the BASF Corporation, Florham Park, N.J., under the tradename LUPAMIN™ 9095. Patent US20110111999 - High-efficiency perfume capsules...Suitable efficiency polymers can be obtained from BASF AG of Ludwigshafen, Germany and include Lupamin® 9010 and Lupamin® 9030.Patent US7534759 - Fabric care composition - Patenty Google. 10 and Polyquaternium-24 (from Amerchol Corporation), and polyvinylamine also known as Lupamin (e.g., Lupamin 1595 and Lupamin 5095 from BASF). Patent US20070076075 - Ink-jet printing methods compositions.... to fixer compositions that include poly(hexamethylene guanidine) (from Avecia), poly(DADMAC) (from Aldrich), or poly(vinylamine) (Lupamin 1595, from BASF) Offset-Printable Coated White Paper Having A High Fluorescent Intensity...S2=N-vinylformamide based polymer sold by Basf under the denomination Lupamin 4500;

Patent US8202935 - Dispersing resins comprising polyethers...

. under the trade names PAA from Nitto Boseki; polyvinylamines which are available under the trade name Lupamin® from BASF AG; polyalkyleneimines. Patent US20070203028 - Salt water stable latex cement slurries...LUPAMIN is a poly(ethyleneimine) available commercially from BASF AG Corporation, Ludwigshafen, Germany. Patent US7960452 - Adhesive composition and method - Patenty...A starch based adhesive was made by mixing 66 g of an aqueous solution of about 7.5 weight % polyvinyl amine (Lupamin® 9095 from BASF), 5 g water. Product Search ResultsLupamin 9095 High Molecular Weight Linear PolyvinylaminePatent US8318306 - Superabsorbent polymer compositions having...Poly(vinyl amines) include, but are not limited to, LUPAMIN®9095 available from BASF Corporation. Patent US8236743 - Process for inhibiting dyed hair fibers from...A process for inhibiting dyed hair fibers from losing their color during shampooing involving contacting the dyed hair fibers with a composition containing.